Simple changes save spoons……..

I had my support group meeting this week, and having been an informal group for a while the time has come as we have expanded to make us a formally recognised support group within Norfolk, this will allow us to apply for funding and open up greater opportunities for the support of our members and hopefully some fun activities/exercise programmes to look forward to. This means I am now splitting my best spoons between two volunteer groups. No more than an hour or so a week with NACP and possibly 2-3 hours with WAG – I’m trying to limit flare ups and ensure that the good I am starting to do isn’t undone by another period of ill health for me setting back the groups and the work that they can do for the good of the members.

Spoons are therefore at a premium, any cheat I can get to save even one spoon is a huge bonus and to be celebrated. This last week has seen to big cheats to save spoons. Firstly an electric toothbrush, oh my goodness who kept these out of my life for so long, why did I not convert sooner, they to me are like an automatic car once you change there simply is no reason for going back. I only got one as my wife and LG were getting them and they were 3 for 2, and being the bargain hunter Martin Lewis has turned me into I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Crazy as it sounds this one simple change has been a huge bonus to me. Less toothpaste and enhanced cleaning mean I do not need to stand with my head over the sink anymore, no more slight bending creating massive increases in pain in my lower back. The larger bathroom allows room for me to sit on my shower seat and being able to brush my teeth without moving my arms with the brushing motion but letting the brush head powered by batteries do all the work is amazing. So if you can (and given that my medication causes issues with my gums clean oral hygiene is very important) “make that change” – Bonus points for the very well known song that is from, from my childhood – the song title of which ties in with a very important part of all bathrooms.

The second, is less of a cheat and more of a mini celebration. The weather has warmed up enough so that I can officially declare it flip flop weather once more, this means no more pain sapping spoons as my wife puts my socks on and then using up further spoons the more I put on and take off footwear, even my slip in trainers, it is all part of daily living but I love it, most importantly of all for me is that it means I can dress a bit more leisurely in the morning, if I am having a bad day yes I need to be showered before my wife leaves for work so she can help wash and dry me but I can be a bit slower dressing, my feet won’t get cold and affect my back and my mornings can allow for more recovery time. It really is simple things like this that make all the difference to spoonies


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