Day 281 – Positives

Today my little girl came home from her nursery really excited and desperate to give me something. She snuck up to me with a big grin on her face and gave me a single white feather.DSC_0183

A small white, insignificant feather that people possibly see hundreds of times a day and think nothing of, yet to my LG she remembers the importance of them. I have spoken to her many times about my best friend Jamie who died and she knows if she had been a boy here name was going to join my love of Star Wars with my love of him. I have told her things about him that we spoke about like our children playing together and she knows he is down near the train station. I have told her that one day I will take her to see him. She told me she saw the feather come down in to the playground and chased it to get it for me.

I pulled her onto my lap and gave her a great big cuddle, she said it’s because you are remembering your friend Jamie aren’t you. I held her tight and said yes and because I love you with all my heart, with how amazing and caring you are, and for remembering what I told you about Jamie and feathers. To which she replied was he at nursery today then. My only answer could be yes, I think today he was checking in on you, I’ve told him all about you so he probably wanted to see all for himself. She looked sad and I told her not to be and she said but I didn’t see him and he’s dead like yoda but you still see him at the end of Star Wars. I didn’t know what to say so we hugged a little longer and she then said I love you lots like Jelly tots Daddy, can we go outside now!


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