This evening………….

…….a dashed drive to Dunelm Mill this evening for doormats to protect our new hallway floor with a tired LG at home with grand parents, big brother and his girlfriend meant I could actually enjoy a drive without panic pressing skip on the iPod. Now there is a really vast selection of tunes on our iPod and many we do not get to hear, however on the way home this tune by Nickelback kicked in. I love if for a number of reasons, not least because it conjures up the image of a fun party afternoon (and having seen the video with it for the first time this evening, this cements my image), but also because it was played loud, mentioned the master Bob Marley, the feature film stars of my generationish Cheech and Chong and one line over and over again that I kept laughing to myself about. It was about drinking all night long, drinking up, falling down and then doing it all over again the next day. Now this reminded me of my past and some fun weekends that I had what seem like a lifetime ago now I am all grown up and responsible “cough cough”. The reason the one line made me laugh was that whilst I was singing along I was thinking I have one advantage over my friends now, being in my wheelchair if I went out all night long I wouldn’t fall down 🙂

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