……………………the photo at the top of the page is of Wymondham Abbey, it is one of a number of wonders of Wymondham that we should rightly be proud of, and I am sure that WAG will over time be visiting these places and offering advice and guidance. Tomorrow in the churchyard there is an extra special event on. It is Wymondham on show and is a community event where all local volunteer community groups can get together and network with each other. Obtain contact details for one another and to be able to get together for the good of the town that we volunteer in.

I have spent this afternoon printing out (finally the ink arrived) a number of posters, sign up sheets, leaflets and the such like so that we can spread the word far and wide what we want to achieve. It is really important to get the message across that we want to work with people, businesses and the council helping them with our expertise and knowledge and hopefully limiting the number of issues and barriers people will encounter accessing the unique town that is my home town. We want to be promoting the small parish of Wymondham, not only as a dementia friendly town but as a town accessible to all, young, old, families, those with disabilities you name it we want to set our heights high, after all if you do not reach for the stars you are never going to achieve the best you can.

With an army of volunteers all giving a few hours here and there when they can, their hard work and determination and the continued good support of the members that we have now whilst expanding the links with the community tomorrow and I truly believe that we can begin to create and build great things. I am proud to be the founder of the group and the nominated Chair for the first year whilst we find our feet, build connections with the community and councils and start to improve Norfolk one small piece of a time. Having friendly, understanding and empathetic businesses working with them helping them to remove barriers for people to access them, having readable menus,and  introducing things to make your business unique can only be a good thing. We only have to look at the outpouring of support for store  in Manchester that has introduced a quiet hour to make them more accessible for people with autism and other disabling barriers when music and TV screens etc will all be turned off.

The more we can make people aware of the needs of others and the more we can create a community that pulls together to help everyone access everything that Wymondham has to offer the better the world can be. In case you can’t tell I’m excited to be going to the Wymondham on Show event tomorrow and getting our message across to as many people as possible.

I’d love it if all our shops could agree a quiet afternoon for people, if we could ensure those with ramps all have bells and excellent signage for wheelchair users to see where to go such as a newsagent in town and a local branch of a solicitors. Simple things that could make a huge difference on the foot/wheelfall of the town.

If we can then get a Town website with a map and the unique selling points of the shops and accessibility etc online we can attract more and more tourists to the town.

Now there are some significant challenges ahead, not least of which is making Platform 2 of the train station accessible for wheelchair/mobility scooter users or parents with pushchairs or people with walkers who cannot do steps as the current set up is totally unacceptable. It is a real shame as the station itself is lovely and the times I have used the bistro the staff could not have been more helpful and accomodating. We need to be shouting about these people though and the brilliant job that they do.

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