Day 282 – Positives

Today Wymondham Access Group had a fantastic reception at the Wymondham on Show Community Event at Wymondham Abbey. So many people were keen to hear about what the group is all about, and hope to achieve in Wymondham over the coming years. It was great to have so many volunteers spreading information about the group and to meet some members who I have now been able to put faces to names. I took a few images of the day (not my best photography but it was a great day). We made some fantastic contacts and the group now have plenty to get on with. One of the best parts was my mum came down took strides forward in her own journey and my mate Jez from the Norfolk Against Chronic Pain support group stopped by so both my volunteer groups linked together for the first of what I hope will be many times.

I predictably got home, pain med crashed and when I was in enough of a condition to soak the hot tub came calling. Volunteering really made me shattered, but so happy and proud of the people who have already come together for a common goal and to help put Wymondham on the map. So many other community groups supported our values and gave us ideas to move forward and the people there volunteering all took ideas away with them

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