The Beard Has Spoken………………….

……………………summer has arrived, having had facial hair of one sort or another ever since the 21st December 1999 I have had many styles, none following the “in fashion” just me deciding what I fancied most at that time. More recently and possibly because I have been feeling a little low and sorry for myself I have been favouring the more full, substantial beard – I would call it my winter beard, my wife would call it her least favourite beard. Having spent today in the sun volunteering a few hours for Wymondham Access Group, spreading information about who we are, what we stand for, how we want to help the community and how we hope to apply for funds to create community projects for the good of all that will be accessible, meeting other community groups and really making some good contacts.

This said it was warm and the beard certainly made me feel warmer, so to my wife’s delight she got to help trim the beard, I swear she accidentally, on purpose, by mistake shortened the length of the beard trimmers way beyond my preference and then said (you look different, not nice, different hmmm how should I take that hahaha 😛 ) so I leave you with a before and grumpy looking after image…………………..

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