Day 284 – Positives

Today has been a lovely but exhausting day. Having not had the the Premier Inns good sleep guarantee, guaranteed thanks to the noisy feckers in the adjoining room we were determined not to let the whole purpose of our long trip to be spoilt. We set off out to Peppa Pig World which although we new it was close to us we didn’t realise it was just as close. Thank goodness less than 5 mins in the car and we arrived. Our LG even said well done car.

We had a lovely day with our family extended to my parents, my brother and sister in law and our nieces. I have to say if we were closer we’d be back at a drop of a hat. Most of the rides in Peppa Pig World itself had good wheelchair access (although you do require your own carer to transfer you from your chair to the ride), if like me you are able to take short steps with crutches there’s no issues whatsoever for most rides. As with any amusement park the main rides in Paulton Park were too dangerous to ride. Still lots of fun was had. We left before we know it at closing. Great disabled toilets even with an adult changing station that was brilliant to see, along with a ride on train that allowed me to park my wheelchair on it.

Couldn’t fault the staff for being kind and considerate to me as a disabled person, talking to me, positioning my wheelchair in the right place for when I get off and so on. They are a park that clearly cares.

Followed by an amazing meal at the Empress of Blandings pub just down the road but also wheelchair accessible. A battered failing body meant I missed out on tea and coffee and playing with my bro but you can’t be too greedy. Pain scale out of 10 is about 100 but my LG has been beaming all day so, today I’ve had to take one for the team.

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