Un-refreshing sleep in Fibromyalgia

Un-refreshing sleep is all too common in chronic pain sufferer’s!! Like stairs it too is my Kryptonite

The Rheumatic Roller Coaster


So, this was my FitBit reading for my sleep when I woke up after 9:30 this morning, 9:30!!!! It’s as if I slept half of the day away!!! This is so frustrating! Although I slept for 11 hours, of which 7.5 of that was deep sleep, I still woke up feeling like I could have slept 5 more hours, I am fatigued, and in a lot of pain. This is what is known as unrefreshing sleep in fibromyalgia sufferers. Let me tell you, it is not fun! I wake up feeling this way EVERY SINGLE DAY, however, today feels like a day where I need to mention it because even after sleeping for 11 hours, I still feel unrefreshed!!! SO incredibly frustrating. My mornings are ALWAYS slow going – I have to lay in bed for at least 30 minutes willing myself to get up, then once I’m up it’s…

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