Are you sitting down……….It made one lady laugh anyway

………………………….Jason Perni (or more likely Ali if you read this please share it with Jason and tell him my wife did a funny, just 1, but nonetheless she was funny) on one of our stops on the way home when I needed sugar and caffeine to take my medication today we stumbled across a few shops one of which was the Disney store. Our LG had been good couped up in the car and had some money to spend so we went in, me on my mobility and my LG and wife looking.

Having been looking at some of the Disney Princesses dress up outfits my LG was pleading for a Belle dress from her current favourite Beauty and the Beast, my wife looked at the label and promptly hung it back up. I asked how much it was, to which my wife smiled at me and with a glint in her eye said “are you sitting down?” the response from me was an equally sarcastic “are you sitting down she says to her disabled husband, are you taking the p!ss” to which out of nowhere came this enormous belly roar of laughter followed by a very quick apology as a complete stranger quickly realised that she had laughed out very loud to our conversation and was mortified. I am guessing she was nanny/granny as a younger lady and a small child came round the corner asking what was so funny. As the lady explained to her family you could see the look of horror descending on their faces at the social faux pas of laughing at a disabled person had happened in the most sacred of places the Disney Store.

The younger lady apologised on behalf of the other lady, who said I did apologise and he wasn’t offended, to which she was scolded with a well he would say that all embarrassed. I explained that my wife had been cheekily asking me who is always in either a wheelchair on mobility scooter when out (affectionately called the pack horse usually) whether I was sitting down so I was equally sarcastic in my response and that I really hadn’t been offended at someone else laughing at our joke, we were fairly loud so it wasn’t as if it was a private conversation. So we’d hit this no mans land of debate, a lady convinced I was offended versus a lady who knew I wasn’t and had laughed with me. I said honestly I wasn’t upset but that I couldn’t continue to debate with them as I better run after my wife before she spent all my disability money, and laughed as I wheeled off.

I could hear them both laughing as I went off with a charge chant (well if you can’t be a big kid in the Disney Store where can you be?) and went looking for my wife and LG. We bumped into one another a couple more times in the shop, then we popped over to Boots to buy some Sun Screen and sure enough the same people had come in shortly after. The younger lady went you’re following us, to which I replied I ran here first you are following me, and before you ask no you can’t have a ride. She laughed and said I didn’t know you had a sense of humour – I took this to mean disabled people as she apologised as soon as she had said it. I was on good form (when I say good form I mean more medicated opiates that Keith Richards did on a World Tour) and said “oh no we all have a sense of humour we just don’t like to share it as you like to think we don’t have brains so ignore us most of the time, that suits us fine because we tend to find your conversation is crap anyway.”

Well the elder of the two ladies thanked me at this point for making her day, for making her laugh lots and for challenging her own mind. I guess that’s the biggest challenge for some, challenging their own minds. I know mine is warped like my back but I am comfortable with that! If we can all spread a little cheer each day what a better place the world would be!

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