Day 287 – Positives

I have felt for once useful in my household today, I don’t mean that in a self loathing way, just for once I had to step up to the plate. Our LG is unwell nothing serious but half of last night was spent on the reclining chair with her, the knock on affect of this sleepless night and a lightweight who can’t handle his drink (clearly doesn’t get that from me) left the boss with a migraine so I have been nurse daddy/hubby to both. The third I think is licking his wounds elsewhere having got no sympathy from me. At his age I was pulling all nighters and getting to work and I told him so!

The best part of being nurse daddy had to be this evening when my LG asked to cuddle up and watch the new Star Wars the Force Awakens film with me. We had a lovely evening chatting about the new characters, who she liked who she didn’t. She enjoyed Rey kicking Kylo Ren’s butt but was disappointed that he wasn’t a better fighter as Darth Vader her favourite was his grandfather. She also said she’d hold my hand when it came to the bit that Han Solo dies as she knows that it upset me bless her.

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