Today my positives are not really mine, although they are for me a massive positive. So many things for charity these days are amazing feats that people do or runs and so on and so forth. Unfortunately due to my pain and disability many of these are out of reach for me, so instead I sponsor the amazing people doing them.

Today 2 former school friends and a good drinking buddy will all be scaling the heights of Snowdon as a midnight climb raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society in the process. So ladies my positive today is all about you Gemma, Pili and Lisa. I have made a contribution to the amazing £1615 and counting total that you have raised so far, it is a fantastic amount and for a charity very close to my heart and I know yours too. I am so pleased to have helped and wish I could join you. I will be there in spirit and wish you a warm and fun trip.

My maternal granddad suffered with the horrible disease and it takes away your life, your memories of your loved ones and your dignity but it never takes the people who love you away. I will never forget the changes in my granddad and the way the illness makes you deteriorate but I will remember the fun times and influence you had on me in your better years.


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