Peppa Pig World perfects disability awareness

Having recently visited Peppa Pig World with my LG and family I have already blogged about the problems with regards to sleeping or lack thereof and the problem of there being no disabled family rooms. In complete contrast to the issues faced with our hotel Peppa Pig World and Paulton’s Park have nailed on the way to make disabled people not only feel welcome and included in the park but they are fully set up for us.

First off there is masses of parking available for disabled badge holder on a level car park within spitting distance of the park. We pre-booked our tickets so had a much shorter queue and no rope to negotiate so I would recommend this. Upon entry you can visit a nurses station to go through any medical condition/disability that would potentially qualify you for their queue pass system. I didn’t do this as my spinal injury means many of the rides are not recommended or fully excluded for me on Health & Safety grounds. All this information is on their website, clearly outlined and defined for each of their rides. Wheelchair and mobility scooters are admitted free put carers pay. We used my manual wheelchair as it said it was all reasonably flat and smooth which it was. We did however underestimate the size of the place so next time if we were to visit I am not sure which we choose, being in a big group I had plenty of help around the park and I could use most queues, if I was with my wife and LG only I think it would be a tough choice as the scooter would be needed to get me round, but it would mean spending half the time queuing in alternative places so that would be a toughie.

Once inside the park (we spent most of the time in Peppa Pig World) each ride has a big board up outside with all the regulations and restrictions for the ride. On each board is the Disabled Person Wheelchair symbol and it told you whether you could access the ride from the queue or whether you needed to use an alternative route, and if so where it was or who you needed to contact. The only issue was inconsiderate people parking buggies in front of the signs. The staff on the rides were all friendly and understanding, although they are not able to help you onto or off the rides (you must have carers to do that) you never felt rushed. They never let the next people onto the rides until you were safely transferred back into your wheelchair and on your way out, one operator helped push me up a really steep slope, and they never once made me feel like I was being a pain or a nuisance. They let me go about taking my time and enjoying my day with my family.

This most importantly cannot be underestimated, I regularly feel like I am being a nuisance or a pain, rarely does a day out go by without me apologising to a number of people I perceive that I have got in the way of, be it people serving me and me not being able to reach the card machine – crazy isn’t it they hand it to me yet I feel a nuisance or that I am making them do something out of their remit. Truth is I am not, the staff at Paulton’s Park were, no are a credit to the park and the training they obviously receive. I got to ride in a number of slow rides in Peppa Pig World, got some lovely photos of the family and some fantastic memories for my LG who for once didn’t have to hear no daddy can’t get there, or no daddy can’t do this, or no there’s no room for daddy’s wheelchair. I cannot praise the park or the staff highly enough!

2 thoughts on “Peppa Pig World perfects disability awareness

  1. It is great Carole, the Peppa Pig section has very mild gentle rides and it was lovely being able to go on them and not feel rushed. Of course we went out of school holiday time so this may have helped with others not being stressed at us taking a while so that would be my only other tip Carole, we spread the trip out over a few days to give me time to recover from the journey but it was fantastic and that staff were a real credit to them.


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