Day 289 – Positives

The day had two highlights today, firstly I spent a lovely couple of hours in the hot-tub this morning with my LG, we played Scooby Doo among other things and it was lovely being able to spend some time with her, even if a couple of times she did have to shout at me to keep me from sinking under!

Secondly, thanks to a son incapable of following instructions on a passport form I got to spend the afternoon with our good friend A and his two boys. Under strict instructions from my LG we had to wait for N to get home from her shopping trip. I’ve known N since we were 11, it is one of the lovely things about Wymondham my home town, there was a real sense of loyalty and belonging and for many of my generation lifelong friendships were formed. I still see, speak and am in contact with many of my friends and I hope my children get to develop similar friendship opportunities in the 21st Century that I developed in the 20th!

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