Recently I completed the photography 101 course and I asked for some themes and topics for a photography blog. A friend and former colleague loves flowers and she came forth with this as a topic. It has taken me longer than I wanted to get the right images but that has been as much to do with the weather as my own issues getting out and about. I do not know the names of many of the flowers but I hope you enjoy the photos. I welcome some further topics to enjoy taking pictures of.

4 thoughts on “Photography Challenge – Flowers

    1. Thank you Linda took me longer than I hoped but having massive fluctuations in good and bad days (probably trying to do too much on them good ones). You’d think I’d have learnt by now!


    1. Thankyou, they’re not something I’ve paid much attention to until starting photographing more, now their colours amaze me. Still for me you can’t beat skies and water/sea but a real struggle to get there and get them just right!


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