Day 290 – Positives

Recently three friends climbed Mount Snowdon in the middle of the night to raise over £1600 for Alzheimer’s Society, it is for me a very worthy and personal cause. Today we visited my Gran (well my wife’s but she treats me like I am her grandson and I am so pleased that is the case as for reasons I won’t go into on here one of my own is happily estranged), at the good age of 91 she has recently been diagnosed with this horrible disease too. I really could have done with a rest day today, but having had to cancel yesterday and spoken to her twice in the last two days I knew her need to see us today was much greater than my need for rest. Now I know in most cases I must always put me and my health first, however with Gran it’s different I can see her health and I know how she is suffering and how upsetting it is for her. It is no surprise here then that today I am pleased that even for a few hours I managed to see her. She is a special lady and making her smile has been a positive for me.

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