I blogged over the weekend that I’d been forced into doing too much as once again my wife had been struck down with a severe migraine. When she gets them I guess I get a glimpse of what she has to deal with everyday of the year with my disability. I would give anything to take the pain away, light hurts her, she sleeps, drinks water and brings it back up and that is about it for 2-7 days and you can literally see the weight falling off her (maybe I need a week of that – I jest, but it would help with the weight loss). Like an old woman I have nagged and nagged and nagged her to do more and try everything. To hassle the GP as they, like chronic pain people, can have a tendency whilst they appear to be coping with day to day life to fob them off, do the limited amount of investigation and regularly try changing different medications.

Now before people leap to the defence of GP’s I do not say what I say as an insult, they are overworked, have too many “time wasters” in the system, are despite reports having budgets cut, have limited resources and many as partners have to think about balancing the books. Like my wife’s chosen profession they work long hours, care and endure frustration daily. I do not blame any of them for overlooking the people who do not shout and scream, after all if you are not creating a problem and vice versa you would let people carry on regardless. I also know that like Chronic Pain there is no set answer to treating migraines, so many people have different triggers, different symptoms and different side effects to the medications they try. My wife I think sees all the appointments and tests and stresses I go through and just thinks to a certain extent what is the point. Losing a couple of days a month to a migraine is better than me so she carries on regardless. Nonetheless I subtly tried to get her to see or read things and try different things all to no avail. I guess when you are as stubborn as I am some of that rubs off on the people closest to you 🙂

So it was with a certain amount of surprise that she came home from work today having had a Daith Piercing. Now I know there is all sorts of pros and cons and literature around whether these piercings do or do not help with migraines and that for me is irrelevant. I have had acupuncture and all sorts of alternative therapies on my injury, some have helped some have not, but I have written a blog previously about the pain diversion benefits of the love of mine tattooing. When I have my ink I can sit or lay comfortably for longer periods and I always get a good night sleeping for the next few days so I believe things like this can help. I am surprised that my wife did something like this in her lunch hour a little I guess, but since I have had over 40 hours of inking which she has never known the design of until she sees the image the next day but I certainly am not disappointed that she did it. I know trying anything especially after the last few days is a good thing I hope it helps even a little.

I like piercings and ink so I was never going to be upset by it and despite the surprise from some of her colleagues that she did it without talking to me first (it’s my wife’s body after all so why would she need to, she’s an impulsive I want it, and I want it now type of person so when her mind is made up she just goes for it, it’s one of the things I first loved about her), it is however fun to get surprises still 13 years into our relationship. I mean we all change over time, we either accept and embrace the change and excitement it brings and go with it or we become boring in old age. So in a complete role reversal this evening from when my wife is normally the one washing and putting lotion on my ink this evening I was bathing and cleaning her ear with salt water. I know she wants to change the piercing in a few months to something more subtle and I hope it helps ease with her migraines. I also know I like it 🙂 her first piercing, will she catch the buzz like inking I think not but I am still glad she took the plunge. Anything is worth trying!

I just hope she likes my next impulse ink when I take our friend for her next one 🙂 even though I know she doesn’t like any that I’ve had as she is not a fan of tattooing, another thing her colleagues cannot get their heads around, but hey it’s our individual lives that come together to form us 🙂

One thought on “Always good to have surprises in your marriage

  1. A dear friend of mine was in a car crash as a very young woman and damaged her neck. She suffered daily migraines as a result. She has had both sides done with a Daith piercing and is doing very well! It took a week or so for her to feel the difference. x

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