Day 291 – Positives – Door widening finished

Today after what has now felt like a lifetime the builders for stage one of making our home wheelchair friendly for me so that on my bad days I can get to the bedroom and bathroom without making others come to my immediate aid. The bathroom looks amazing, but for a bit of painting and decorating the hallway, the new floor and the new doors are lovely and wide and look a lot better than they did when these images were taken;

Stage 2, now that I have spent all of our reserve funds, the impact of which is that my wife will not be able to reduce her hours at work to care for me, instead the complicated funding criteria will have to be negotiated – crazy shortsightedness that I will not get into on a positives blog will be the kitchen. Followed by stage 3 and a ramp at the rear door, if only this was a much simpler process and an easier thing to do when you own your own home with one central pot of money instead of applying to 3 different councils/local authorities.

Now begins the big clean………………..

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