I feel your frustration with GP’s and that feeling of disgust as we walk into the room 😦

A Scottish Journey with Chronic pain

Emergency – noun

A serious , unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action

“Personal alarms for use in an emergency”

synonyms: crisis, urgent situation, extremity, exigency;

So after an eventful week, which saw me struggling to stand up, walk and sit down, enough was enough. I was at my wits end and getting seriously pissed off with every passing second.

I tried to call the doctor for an appointment, realising that it was May Day and they were closed shortly after dialling. So the following day I called, on the eve of my 31st birthday I might add, and was told to speak to a doctor. So added to the “call back” list I waited. Sure enough 20 mins later I was called back. I explained what was going on, that I couldn’t stand up or walk any distance, and the pain was horrendous. I was told to come…

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