Day 292 – Positives

Today’s positive gives me very little pleasure that I have had to do it, but it is certainly a positive and weight of my mind that it is nearly finished. After my long running saga over access, or more appropriately the lack of access to play areas in my hometown that has been detailed on here sadly ended up with two formal complaints being submitted. Unfortunately these complaints were referred to the Town Councils solicitors and suddenly here I am in a panic having all these things quoted at me and accused of lacking information and so on and so forth with hefty demands being placed on me, and all because more than 12 months I first raised an issue with the town council about access (before the play area was even built) I am still waiting to be able to take my little girl to play there. Furthermore despite my impassioned pleas regarding moving equipment from an accessible play area in February the council still somehow voted in favour to move it.I have after several sleepless nights of worry, a lot of stress and heightened pain and a number of wasted family days finally got to the point where my response to the solicitor is nearly finished, all unlucky 13 pages of it. I have during that time spoken to a number of charities and organisations like Equal Lives and the Equality Advisory Support Service, along with some people who I view as inspirational disability campaigners like Mik Scarlet all of whom have given me some excellent advice and picked me up when I have been really low. Hopefully very soon my response will be sent off and hopefully the sorry saga can start to draw to a close.

Now several months on from the debacle at the February meeting, an extensive media campaign, a social media campaign, an online petition with over 1000 signatures, a council meeting demonstration, a photoshoot with over 100 people at the park, an impassioned plea by the local police force and some extreme outbursts labelling the Wymondham Electorate as “mob handed” and “mob rule” the KHM at least is back on the agenda at the next council meeting! I wait with baited breath for a better outcome…………………….

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