Radiators and Drains……..

A very wise friend once said to me sometimes you just can’t help people. She said in life “there are drains and there are radiators” she went on to say that “the drains you have to let them go and run away, like a drain should do” if not they become blocked up and they “drain all your energy and focus from you to them” she went on to explain that you have to “let the radiators be there for warmth and comfort!”

When I saw this photo today on the Wymondham Community Connectors  Facebook page promoting mental health awareness week it made me think of this. If we were to all stop and look at the people in our lives I am sure unfortunately this photo rings true for some of us. So if you are not feeling yourself maybe it is time to start looking at your friends allow those drains to run away and hold on to those radiators!


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