The Education Continues……..Star Wars…..A New Fan

My LG since watching The Force Awakens has been asking lots of questions about the history of Star Wars, where did it all start and so on. She’s watched the originals although being 3 lost interest in by far and away the best of the franchise The Empire Strikes Back, although I am somewhat surprised to hear myself say that The Force Awakens pushed A New Hope very close and may have tipped the balance. She has a number of mine and our son’s old figures and is getting to understand how Anakin became Darth Vader which I am proud to say isn’t bad for a youngling.

We unfortunately some would say have a Jar Jar Binks figurine and for a while our LG has been asking lots of questions about him, especially as he has “funny elephant ears” to her. So today I suggested watching the prequels – not that I used that term to her, I would have got a funny look. It was more a shall we watch when Anakin was a little boy and we meet Jar Jar Binks. Now a good listener as she is, she knows I am not a fan so much. So she suggested that we make it fun. I was up for a laugh and suggested that we built our own X-Wing cross pod racer to watch the movie in. Not easy when you have limited movement and thanks to my parents for helping get the bits together. Our effort I don’t think was too shabby and we had the obligatory lightsaber duel which I lost again 😦 must try harder

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