The Great Fish and Chip Supper – Spinal Injuries Association

I have some amazing friends who have done some really inspirational things for charity, in fact a little shout out to Duncan Samwell who is competing in the #lanzaroteironman tomorrow. Others have scaled the three peaks or one peak in darkness and so on, my bucket list was to always run a marathon, then my effing car accident happened and the loss of mobility and the chronic pain kicked in and so that is now a dream floating on a cloud of unhappiness somewhere.

The pain also limits pretty much anything that I can do, then I stumbled across the fish and chip supper on the Spinal Injuries Association website. To quote from them they say;

“Not everyone wants to run a marathon” (or in my case wants to but can’t well without an army of pushers to assist me)to help the charity they support, but most people enjoy a good meal out or in, with colleagues, friends or family.” I wish I had seen it earlier as I would have made more of a big deal and organised a quiz and chips or something similar, so watch this space for future years…………………… Their website goes on to say;

“Help raise awareness of spinal cord injury and raise money for SIA by eating fish and chips for your lunch or dinner on Spinal Cord Injuries Awareness Day. We can help you oganise your own Great British Fish and Chip Supper for SIA, whether you choose to hold it at home, work or in your local pub. Find out more about the event here or email us for an information pack at 

Having only seen the event last week I haven’t been able to do anymore than have a fish and chip supper with my family this year and we have made a small donation which if you are so inclined to do you can do so via their official website using Paypal and can donate here – don’t feel obliged to but for me I was just happy to finally find a charity fundraiser I could do, and for it to be a charity so close to home it was all the better. There are so many excellent charities out there and we see adverts for many of the bigger ones regularly, the killers or children and animals seem to adorn the late night adverts on my TV and whilst they are all excellent there are so many other smaller ones that need help too. As social care funding is being cut disabled people will find themselves more and more having to fund specialist equipment or lead a more limiting life than they would need to so it becomes hard to know who to donate too.

I do know one thing though, before my car accident and subsequent problems and really and truthfully up until I had accepted and started reading about my injuries and what I can and cannot do that I stumbled across the SIA. I think I will be promoting them more often having found them now!

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