Day 296 – Positives

Today was my wife’s granddad’s 73rd Birthday so we got all the family together for a meal at The Old Feathers, Framingham Pigot since the party was 15 in total the pub asked us to pre-order meals from their menu. It is now our second trip to the pub and it certainly won’t be the last. Not only was it lovely to get almost all the family together, something we say every time we meet up that we should do more often but then life and more appropriately work gets in the way. The pub serves what I would call traditional high quality pub food. Steak and Ale Suet Pudding, Succulent Steaks, Steak and Kidney Pies the sort of meals that warm the heart. My kind of comfort food. Freshly prepared and certainly no skimping on the portions. Vegetables today included carrot, broccoli, mashed swede, cabbage and cauliflower and the pies and suet puddings were full to bursting with meat all beautifully cooked.I had a lasagne and others had chicken with Mustard Mash, Salmon and a Sausage & Mash for the two under 4’s in the party.

Now before this turns to much into a food review – which I will do at a later date, and that I will definitely share on Trip Advisor because it was amazing, it was just lovely to be able to sit and relax in a pub with plenty of room in my wheelchair to get around and being the booking coordinator I was also spoken to like my chair hadn’t given me a lobotomy the moment I sat in it 🙂

An added bonus to the day was bumping into an old friend Ivan. Knackered and body shut down about 7pm but now looking through the photos of the day to see what we got. Must just share the lemon Tarte that looked like a work of art when it arrived

SAM_1409 (2).JPG

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