Day 300 – Positives – A success story!!!

Today I had my 6 month review at the opiates clinic and we spoke about the positive impact the change of medication along with the other aspects of the pain management jigsaw are having on my quality of life even though the pain itself has worsened. This is a good thing overall and I am pleased with my own progress. Nurse Lorraine actually said and I quote “you are one of our success stories” now without being big headed or letting the comment go to my head as my wife cheekily said, this really made my day.

Since my car accident and the decline in so many activities in my life, losing my job and so many other things I have reflected negatively on most things. So to be described today as a success story was mind blowing! I have accepted my new life as post accident Seachy and it has taken me a long, long time to get to this point, with help from family and friends we have adjusted my lifestyle and we are learning to “pace” together as a family. For example my wife and LG are out to lunch right now with her Granddad but due to my pain and lack of sleep I am at home. Although I am missing going and seeing Granddad I feel a lot less guilty about it. Note I don’t say I am guilt free as I do not think I will ever be that, but I will settle for where I am right now. I have made a number of positive changes to my life but for someone else to see it, a medical professional no less, and to call it (or me) a success story, well that was a huge thing for me today

I have an open ended appointment meaning I can now manage myself over the next 6 months and if at the end of that period I feel good about things and where I am at I will be discharged from the pain clinic until the next relapse. Not a bad day 300 and now only 65/66 (leap year after all) days to go until year two of positives have been completed but more than that it is a Wedding!

6 thoughts on “Day 300 – Positives – A success story!!!

  1. Such a huge step forward. I know how hard you have worked to get here,and continue to do so.Hope you have celebrated in a suitable fashion. An inspiration for many you should be proud x

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    1. Erm, embarrassed now, certainly do not feel like I am an inspiration. I am certainly proud that finally I have accepted my situation only took me 12 and a half Years hahaha. I just hope others see there is life and choices beyond the initial despair stage when the world seems to be falling apart around you. Thank you nonetheless xx


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