Why have I woke today with a pain that is so excruciating even one step has been out of reach?

Why am I now pondering whether that previous question should have been out of step?

Why does my body seem to know when I need it to do something out of the usual routine and increase my pain?

Why does it seem to fail me when I am looking forward to seeing someone I haven’t seen in months/years?

Why have I been reduced to tears from my pain again?

Why as the verve said in the 90’s on days like today is it true that “the drugs don’t work”

Why did I waste an hour of my day watching the EU Referendum How Should I Vote debate to see more lies and accusations or counter accusations only to be more frustrated at the end.

Why did I still force myself to the WAG meeting with SNC reps – I had others there more than capable to ask the questions I wanted to know about?

Why am I still so stubborn?

Why am I more stubborn on bad days?

Why do I feel guilty?

Why is this guilt worse on bad days?

Why do I feel like I let people down?

Why do I beat myself up about it more on worse days?

Why do I dread going to bed in fear that the pain will still be so intense and intolerable tomorrow?

Why don’t I tell people it is as bad as it really is?

Why if there is a minimum turnout required for a Trade Union vote to strike be valid is there not a  minimum turnout required for someone to be elected to rule/govern?

Why will my mind not shut off when the pain is through the roof?

Why have I had enough meds to tranquilise an entire zoo am I still in agony?

Why do I exaggerate?


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