Day 302 – Positives

I have been incredibly down and upset today, I was meant to be having a ruby with some friends I worked with at Virgin One Account many years ago (nearly 17 years, wait I can’t be that old), one of whom has flown half way around the world to come and see us all and once again my backpain has spiked and I have had to miss a night out. I hate my fucking pain! I hate it seems to know when I am really looking forward to going out and seeing people I haven’t seen in years. I’ll built up the courage and strength in myself to see these people in my wheelchair, a huge step forward for me and aaaarrrrghhhhhhh attack of the unknown spasms wrecks it.

Anyway enough about that, this is my positives so instead of dwelling this evening I spent it renewing my buildings and contents insurance and researching my public liability requirements for WAG – ROCK AND ROLL MOFO’s

2 thoughts on “Day 302 – Positives

    1. Yes Carole, it’s like my body knows I’m excited and looking forward to something and then it rebels and goes screw you, you’re not going out 😦 xx


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