Day 308 – Positives

Today has been a triple whammy. The day couldn’t have started more enjoyable than having a visit from Sosnos, my manager from my second proper job who took me under her wing and trained me up to manage in the Banking industry at Virgin One Account Shelley popped in for a catch up. Now it is 7 years since I last saw her, and 17 since we worked together eek we’re getting old. Sosnos as I will always remember her as is an Aussie and her, and her husband and 2 LG’s live there now so we do not get the chance for catch ups, it was however like I’d seen her yesterday we were soon laughing and joking about the good times, my LG took to her like anything soon telling her all about all her toys. She also brought TimTams 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the rest of the family next weekend.

Then at my LG’s playgroup this week they are learning all about the letter T. Uncle Tich let her take in Tom the Tortoise to tell the other boys and girls all about. I also saw my LG’s “boyfriend” James hmmmmmmm think we will have some words hahaha

Finally and I’ll blog all about this separately I met up with my first ever manager Stevie G at the newly refurbished Wymondham Leisure Centre, it was great seeing him again and we will be having a beer soon I am sure of that. Just got to get Jezza, Lila and Sal back to Norfolk for a night of devastation 🙂

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