Probably the hardest lesson I have had to learn is that comparing myself with the pre-accident Seachy or with anyone else, whether they are able bodied, disabled, chronic pain sufferers or even me yesterday because today is always a new day.


I get asked what it is like to have pain and nerve damage, and although it is in my spine where the damage is, the spinal cord pretty much controls your sensations all over, so for me if I could show one picture for what it is like each day when I wake, through to when I finally get some rest it would be this image, and the pain and pressure points and discomfort moves around my body in as random a movement as the wire (before anyone says it, yes she has more hair and is better looking than me)


Chronic Pain creates breakdowns in friendships and relationships and this sums up pretty much why these breakdowns occur, I’d love not to let people down, hell my mate Sosnos flew here from Australia and I had to bail on a curry night out with her, luckily though she understands and came to see me today, you real do find out who your true friends are


I am a thrill seeker, I always have been on the hunt for the next high, I just wish I’d never found the ultimate ride, the irony is I cannot ride roller coasters anymore but life with chronic pain is like one continual ride


You quickly learn that despite legislation to protect and enhance your independence their is more loopholes in it than the tax regulations as far as the great phrase “reasonable adjustments” nobody defines who, what, when, where, and how these adjustments are determined

I have learnt that everything I thought I knew about access and disability awareness flew out the window when the shoe was on the other wheel, I also learnt that still in the 21st century people still believe that when I sit in my chair I automatically have a lobotomy!


Some people, try their best to make adjustments but if you don’t ask the people who need to use them you can get it horribly wrong


Finally for a little bit of fun this is an alternative to the pain scale definitions so when you see me write I am a 6-8 on a good day with my pain and 9-10 on the days I cancel and suffer from my PAINGRY outbursts this is what I’m doing 🙂

Pain Scale

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