Day 311 – Positives

Not really knowing what to expect today, we decided to make the most of the sun and headed to the family day fun day at Easton College. For the £6.00 parking fee we figured even if our LG got bored or didn’t like it, it wasn’t a disaster on the wallet.

Little did we know that 15 minutes in we’d bump in to one set of our best friends N & A and their 2 Boys, next thing we know 5 hours have passed and the loud speaker system is telling us its time to go home, 5 hours had passed in a blink of an eye. Got some ok photos, although the pain was a little high today so hands weren’t very steady, stupidly tried playing tennis on my mobility scooter too, that lasted 6 shots and game over, still plenty of laughs.


2 thoughts on “Day 311 – Positives

  1. That’s the trouble with chronic pain because we don’t like to waste a nice sunny day by staying in but we usually regret it after though it is worth making the effort. Would like to have seen you playing tennis Neil on your scooter! It sounds lots of fun and I used to be good at tennis many years ago 😊

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    1. It was ok going forward as I had ok speed on a hard tennis court, trying to go backwards not so much. Still 6 shots is, 6 more then I would have done without the scooter 🙂


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