My journey from the depths of despair…

Seachy Waffles On. A chronic way of life!

………………..all journey’s have to begin somewhere, our lives are one long journey broken into much smaller chapters, each with it’s own journey to tell. The latest chapter or journey if you like began for me when I was in the depths of despair. Having had chronic pain for 14 years now the depths of despair are nothing new to me. Each chapter usually goes through the cycle of huge success and failure, real triumphs or periods of despair and can be a year in length or a week. That’s to say that each of my chapters usually go through journey’s with extreme highs followed then by extreme lows the big difference however is that each chapter or journey is over an unknown period of time, so sometimes I have people around me to celebrate my success, sometimes it’s a minor thing to others too insignificant to others to notice and…

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