Today, after around 30 minutes of tears and upset in the car when my LG asked about saving the park we finally managed to stem the flow, actually that should read we finally arrived at Pettitts Animal Adventure Park and the diversion technique of meeting up with family and having a fun day out worked to stem the flow, I’m sure there will be further tears in the days and weeks to come. In her own words, when we said what equipment will be left “THAT WILL BE BORING” – will serve the purpose of making it quiet again hey.

It is pleasing to see the outcry on social media today, although I suspect it will count for nothing but the residents of Wymondham seem to want to go down fighting, I hope that many of the things talked about all come to fruition, nothing would make me happier then seeing people unite, and I am sure that I am up for any and all ideas.

For today though I am simply happy that despite last nights disappointment and subsequent tears that afterwards we showed the true strength, character and love that we have as a family and that has seen us through much bigger challenges that today we dusted ourselves down had lots of fun and laughter and played and spent money – not in my hometown but I did see some I recognised

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