Day 317 – Positives

I heard today that a piece about the Wymondham Access Group is in a local publication so this was a real boost. It was the cherry on the top of a very busy but relaxing day.

It started seeing the lovely Downing family for their LG’s birthday party, I wonder where the years go so quickly. We were at Jump for Joy in Rackheath a lovely indoor play area, not too big and plenty of room around the tables to get easily between the tables and too the toilets etc. There was a disabled toilet/baby change although I didn’t use it so cannot comment on the layout. The whole place was easily accessible and we all had fun, the only thing I didn’t see was a designated disabled bay but I could have missed this.

We returned home to tidy the garden, try out the new garden furniture and parasol with some help from the in laws, with a little rest just long enough until the rain came and we had to move indoors. This coincidentally tied in with the start of the first of 3 Euro 2016 matches today.

Now I am sitting down enjoying Game 3 England v Russia, it counts for very little at the moment as the score is still 0 – 0 but total dominance and determination I only hope the do or die approach is more of the do and the first goal goes in soon.


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