Day 318 – Positives – Another wheel forward

Today’s positive is very much one of happiness and cheer. Today we went out for lunch. It was organised by Rug and Roo and was in honour of them being back in the UK and us catching up for the first time in years. It was a big step for me to as this was the first time I’d met many of them since my car accident and certainly since regularly being in my wheelchair. I had a fantastic catch up with some old work colleagues, all of whom were taken with my LG, who surprisingly despite nearly being asleep as she sat on my lap as we were wheeled out stayed awake the whole journey home and even got her second wind. Seeing people who I hadn’t seen in years and having a good laugh and catch up today was a really good tonic at the end of this week. I was even more pleased to hear that some of them actually read these blogs, so thanks to all of you who I saw today and for your kind words and support.

Who knew post accident Seachy isn’t that different to pre-accident Seachy after all these people have now met both and it was like I worked with them yesterday, the same rapport the same laughter and the same good times.


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