Advertising and Education – this is what we need

I have become a fan of Mik Scarlet not least because of his forthright views and honest and sometimes scathing failings of people/businesses/councils in relation to accessibility and giving disabled people a voice but also because he does pieces like this on The Norfolk Broads National Park that has got me super excited. Why?

Well not only because it is good to shout about where we are doing things right and spreading the word far and wide but more simply Norfolk is my home county and I have struggled going round many of the places in the video in my manual wheelchair with an army of family and friends pulling, pushing, grunting and groaning so I can join them or killing the motor in my pavement mobility scooter and sinking in the mud. I would love for every county, city, town etc to start using the army of disabled people with a variety of Disabilities to produce films such as this, I even know a wonderful film production company owned by a good friend who has seen the changes in our nights out, and how difficult finding accessible meeting places can be who I’m sure won’t mind the plug Apricot Productions

I was buzzing after seeing the video, thinking about trips out, trying some offroading hand cycles and when my LG is older even being able to go sailing with her – Super excited, now all we need to do is encourage others to follow suit and share their accessibility information IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS.

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