Day 319 – Positives Bro’s in Hose……

Today has been a funny ol’ day. It started with a visit to have my Kilt fitting for a very important wedding that is coming up, under strict instructions not to reveal too much of myself or maybe he meant the kilt I thought I’d edit the photo appropriately. Apparently though breaking my 23 years of odd socks I have to have matching Hose, I’m now frantically hunting for twins for the Stag Do to 😛

DSC_0315 (2)

Having used many spoons fighting into my finery and out of it my bro took me to the Care for Carers event at the Forum in Norwich. I spoke to a number of wonderful people both in a personal capacity for me, but also professionally as Chair of Wymondham Access Group, I am looking forward to sharing the information other the coming days when I recharge the spoons. We just had time to pop to the beautiful market for a big sausage hehehehe (childish giggling in preparation for Stag Do has begun) we sat and took in the views of some amazing old and new buildings in a really fine city (I’ll post pictures at a later date). Was good also to see George the Chair of Norwich Access Group, although alas a parcel delay means I will not be able to update NAG with the progress WAG has made since I first met them all, but have no fear I will be back.

I returned home to play Beast, very convincingly as my LG told me mean beast voice is scary but once I am friendly Belle likes me – does the next Star Wars movie need a hoverchair user I’m game!

An impromptu meal this evening where nobody wanted to cook heard a whole new bingo call that led me to snorting ice cream – I had your mum number 41! I’ll leave you on that note!

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