Day 320 – Positives

It really feels like the finishing straight is in site and my second year of positives is nearly at an end. Today my positive is that I am thankful for the support that I have all around me. My family would not function without the support that I receive from each and everyone of them, and also the support we give each other. Family and Famiends alike all contribute to helping us, helping me #liveboldly giving me strength to carry on, on those days that I am lost beyond the next alarm for pain meds. A few hours doing WAG stuff this morning and the afternoon drifted by in a daze, I was unable to call good friends R&P and for that I apologise, I will be in touch. It is the understanding of so many people though that really makes me thankful. I feel isolated at times but that is pain and going 2 days in pouring rain like this week without going out and so on and so forth, but every comment on my blog, every like on my blogs facebook page and every message of support even from people who only know me in the digital world gives me a boost.

Most of all though at times I question my ability to be a good father – well my definition of being as good a father as I should be, you know just extra pressure to pile on myself, so when my LG does things like today which was buy mummy flowers when out shopping because she has to go to work and we should let her know we think about her when we are at home gives me that warm, fuzzy, indescribable and unidentifiable feeling you get when your child makes you proud, and tells you that you may feel like you aren’t doing the job the way you would like (crying again, tablets + pain = emotional wreck), but your child shows you how much of a well rounded and amazing person he/she/they are. I hope my children learn to #liveboldly , help others and be kind to others as you never know when you may need help too.

One thought on “Day 320 – Positives

  1. I don’t think any of us feel we do the job of parenting the way we would like – but the results usually tell us that we are doing a reasonable job anyway!

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