Following on from our trip to the suit/kilt fitters we went to the Forum in Norwich, this a very modern building opposite one of the most beautiful and intricately designed churches our fine city has. I remember when the old Library (which the Forum was built on) caught fire and burnt down, and the plans for the replacement were announced. There was uproar and controversy at the plans, us people in Norfolk are not best known for welcoming change, I have friends who have been here 20 years and still aren’t considered locals ehehehe. Sitting at the top of the Market as I looked around I thought how well the old and new complimented each other now.So I am going to share some images of then and now. I am also considering a new blog/page/category for my photos so watch this space………….

At the time of the Fire I was 16 so to be honest cannot remember being concerned myself with the new design, and from an access point of view, it is a vast improvement on what I remember of the old building though!

Today the area is unrecognisable from what was there;

The Forum, that now houses Norwich Library

The Forum is the fantastic glass fronted structure above and opposite is this beautiful church, and spin around 180 degrees and you look over the Multi Coloured Norwich Market (if you look closely in the distance peeking out from behind a tree you can just see the battlements of Norwich Castle. Old and New beautifully blended just goes to show change isn’t a bad thing it’s different, it takes time to adjust but being different is bad, it all depends on the certain point of view that you look at everything by.

10 thoughts on “Norwich Library Fire to Forum: from a Certain Point of View

  1. I would love to visit your country. I live in Hershey, PA. The plane ride is long and not sure if your allowed to have a tens unit on plane, but maybe one day when the pain subsides if it ever does my wife and I could travel more.

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    1. I hope they allow Tens lmachines I was planning on using one short haul in October, you’ve made me doubt myself better get it checked out! The resort is full on accessible with concrete pathways on the beach etc. Glad your mentioned it 😀 hadn’t thought but dangers etc speak for themselves. Here’s hoping you make it over I recommend Norfolk I’ll give you a tour mate!

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        1. I will let you know how I get on, not flown myself for years so really dredding it and a lot has happened security wise since I last stepped on to a plane. Dreading being wheeled on!

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          1. It’s not bad, I been wheeled on a few times plus you get to go first! So you can settle in before other people get on. Then you get wheeled off last after the crowd
            is gone . Plus you get to go through security in the wheel chair line, so I normally get through fast. It sucks to be disabled and in pain, but does have its perks ha ha


    1. Yes me too, sat there yesterday looking at it wishing I had more than just my phone to take photos on. Thinking of taking your “certain point of view” as the tag line or name of a photo blog if you don’t mind? xxx

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  2. …and it is beautiful on a summer evening when the sun is in the right place to make a perfect reflection of the church in all that glass. I remember the fire – I was one of many people who stood looking at the smoking shell in utter disbelief. Quite a few tears were shed that day.

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