Hooliganism it is time to call it what it is!

I am sick and tired of seeing the hooliganism that is happening at the Euro’s this year. Worst of all I am sick and tired of hearing the hooligans being called FANS, they are not FANS they are organised criminals simple as that, and they should be treated as such.

The whole build up has been concerned with the threat of terrorism and acts of terrorism from ISIS that the finger has been taken off the pulse. So from all around Europe organised gangs of thugs and hooligans more suited to the 1980’s have been able to make their way into France and the results are the appalling scenes that are on the TV every night. I accept alcohol has a price to pay and others are getting caught up in the mob mentality after a day on the booze and retaliation after retaliation is sparked.

What upsets me is the fans and I mean the real “FANS” of each of the nations are being tarnished with the same brush as these HOOLIGANS. We all like to think that the Hooliganism of the 80’s is dead and buried but this tournament just goes to show that it isn’t, and that evil people will always take whatever opportunity they can to expose weakness and reek havoc. It is a sad indictment of what is supposedly the 21st century in the developed western world. It may have started with one nation (and not being there I am not going to say with any certainty who it was) although with the records of certain nations especially their intolerance of difference in recent years we all have our suspicions as to who started it. The reality is that it doesn’t matter who started it, we and I say we as in those from the UK who are there are continuing it.

This saddens me for a number of reasons, firstly the children of Lens are missing out on a day at school because the threat of violence is bubbling around the city, there should be no threat. Secondly we run the risk of being thrown out of a tournament because of hooligans who are being reported as FANS in the press. These people are not fans, if they were true fans they wouldn’t risk the place of the nation they support. They are criminals, they should be treated as criminals and they should be banned from all sporting events forever! The problem is it is difficult to know who is causing the trouble and who is unfortunately just caught up in the middle of it. Without CCTV cameras everywhere it is difficult and that is a mistake on behalf of the organisers, but the blame should rest only with the criminal gangs doing it, simple! Thirdly I am saddened at the scenes as my LG sits on my lap cheering come on England, come on England and when she asks if we can go and watch a match my answer is no and it is difficult to explain to her why. I usually say it is because there are not many places for wheelchairs to go which is true and I hope this issue changes soon, but the real reason is that if we went and happened to find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time as we approached or left the stadium we would quite simply be sitting ducks! Finally I hear on the news today that the lack of segregation in the ground and people drinking is going to cause a problem, and I say why? Why? Why?

Look at rugby and you see all fans mixed in together drinking during the match pitchside, something that is outlawed in the UK in football matches and it really is just crazy to think that such an amazing sport that brings out the best in people for charity matches and development funds from tournaments in countries throughout the world and yet it also brings out the worst in people with violence and despicable behaviour!

I hope this afternoon’s match goes off without incident and regardless of the result fans can drink and laugh and joke together. It is after all only a game. COME ON ENGLAND

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