The Face of Disability – An Entry into the Crutch Chronicles

A great read, with a lot of sympathy for this gentleman. Thankfully family and friends know the truth and the pain hidden behind my eyes!

Welcome to the Chronic Crutch

I have been working very hard over the last four years, trying to bring my body back to health.  Due to my ankle joints and the pain in my legs, I cannot perform any cardio exercises except riding or using a reciprocal bike with zero resistance.  I have come a long way since the day I first started.

On my blog right now, I have touched a little bit on how much weight I started to gain.  At one point I gained over 20 pounds and weighed 230 pounds.  I would lose some of it as I recovered, but as another surgery turned the corner, I would find myself gaining 15 to 20 more pounds.  My cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall well-being were in jeopardy.

I learned exercises from my physical therapists that I can do on the floor, and my wife stated she would help with my diet.  I loved snacking…

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