A tale of two parties…….spoons please……..

………………….has left me with an extreme spoon shortage. It is always the way that you can sometimes go weeks with nothing on the calendar and that’s great it allows for good rest and pacing, but you can then guarantee that like buses, when an invite comes along a second swiftly follows. Living with chronic pain you all too regularly have to let people down last minute and that usually results in one of two things. either a) they’re good friends and keep inviting you or b) they give up on you. The latter as tough as it is you learn to accept. It doesn’t make them a bad person(s) like most people around our age, our friends work so they want to make the most of their days / weekends off so to constantly be let down can be infuriating and I appreciate it. For the most part, people like that in my life keep in contact on social media and we still have a good laugh. If there is one lesson I have learnt, it is that life is too short.

Today was just one of those such one of those days, our LG had a good friends birthday party 10-1 and a good mate I used to work with at City College had the official opening ceremony of his man cave The Dynamite Jet Salooon (feat. Fast Eddie’s Pool Hall) from midday onwards.

The birthday party this morning was brilliant our friends are amazing at picking a theme there LB loves and making the food amazing. I swear one year I am employing them both to do the catering for my LG’s food. Every year when the invite arrives I get excited. Today was no different our LG had a fantastic time (was musical bumps queen), we had a good gossip, arranged another family day out and I loved the food them, simple things like turning bananas into minions but beyond that, a home made amazing birthday cake that they make look effortless every year (I know it isn’t especially the eyes….) I was in awe once again and check this out;


The weather tried to put a dampner on the latter but it failed as we are all accustomed to the British Summer and it takes more than a little drizzle to stop us. So we arrived this afternoon and true to my mate’s word he’d parked his own car on the road so we could park on the drive. It was then a leisurely stroll to the garden and up to see his man cave. It was amazing and I certainly hope to get to try out the pool table in my wheelchair, but I’ll reserve that for a quieter day with less toes (especially of little ones) to squash. I had a fun afternoon catching up with some of the guys I used to work with in A4 at City College Norwich. They were a little surprised with the decline in my health but many hadn’t seen me for close to 3 years but very soon we were laughing and mocking one another like it was 3 hours. You know you have good friends when you do that. My wife and LG disappeared off and I met my mates family and in laws. In a bizarre small world I discovered some knew Wymondham very well, some were fully up to speed with OT needs and what it meant to be accessible and had seen some of the story of WAG and the KHM saga. It seems my infamy is spreading further than I can travel. That is a good thing, anything that helps educate others is a winner with me.

Unfortunately medication time arrived all too quickly and the increased pain from the morning was taking its toll on me. They could all see it, and despite my stubborn as a mule attitude I had several people help me back down the garden across the grass and shingle and around no less than 4 drain covers – what man needs four drains, I feel sorry for anyone who follows you into the bathroom, back to the car as the day came to an all to familiar premature end, but for me an important breakthrough, I’d gone others had seen me in my chair and at my worst and I’d survived, had fun and not been judged. I need to sort my head out, I know the only person judging me is me, but still those doubts creep in!! I wish I had taken some photos today to show you the man cave, it is awesome a bar, full on proper pool table, flatscreen TV and a dartboard. You could move me in tomorrow and in-spite of the steps out I still wouldn’t ever try and leave!

Now comes the worse part of a day like today. Great memories but an 8-10 on the painscale. I am frantically trying to get this finished before maxing out my last meds of the day. I hope for a little sleep and an ok day tomorrow because my LG is super excited about it being Fathers Day as I am too, but being 3 it’s her first with any real meaning. All I can say is thank goodness for the hot tub as most of our playing will be in this tomorrow!

Thank you to L & R and J & A for not giving up on inviting me and for you both playing a part in a day that has made me very happy!

2 thoughts on “A tale of two parties…….spoons please……..

  1. It is a trade-off, isn’t it? Having a great day with good people, then suffering for it later. Like you, I don’t mind the trade-off, if beautiful memories are made. I hope you were able to rest afterward.

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