Day 324 – Positives

Today has been another big wheel forward for me, and the biggest positive of the day was joining some old colleagues from A4 for the grand opening of Mr Perni’s “The Dynamite Jet Saloon (inc Fast Eddie’s pool hall)” man cave. Now as man cave’s go I must say it is not too shabby and you must (men) all aspire to this or something similar. Serious man points. Although mate you failed the accessibility “Health and safety” visit so I must come back again, and again, and again to keep assisting you on making the most of it being accessible, drinking beer and practicing some wheelchair 9 ball. Not sure how Mrs P will feel waking up to me slumped in my wheelchair at the end of the garden but we can cross that bridge……….

Was lovely to catch up with everyone (I would name you all but meds are playing tricks on me and I’ll either miss you off or add you in, I do however keep having flashbacks but not for this public blog), and even though the offer of being hoisted and carried Cleopatra style in my wheelchair back to my car (that was what you were all offering wasn’t it, or were you planning on tipping me out and dragging me?) was turned down it was very much appreciated as was all the help everyone gave me getting me in and out again and a special thanks Jase for putting your car on the road so I could park in the drive. Stupidly I’ve been worrying about seeing you all for so long, but now that wheel forward has been done we must do it again.

Finally Skinner, if you see this having broken me in Birmingham I think the least you should do is pop and say hi when you are doing archery so close! Seriously – none of this is your fault, was good to see you and your better half (like me, batting well out of your League their)! looking forward to the next time gents!

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