Tragedy finally unites Houses of Parliament

It was lovely seeing the tributes paid by all sides of the Houses of Parliament to Jo Cox who was murdered in what can only be described as an act of terrorism by an extremist with a different ideology to her. Now I know the “T” word seems extreme but it is true that when others do similar acts we call them acts of terrorism so why are we not calling this the same. Here was an innocent individual going about her business and allowing her constituents to speak to her in an open forum. Living in a democracy this is the least she and us should be able expect, and to be able to do it without fear of ones safety. I for one will be glad when 10.00pm Thursday comes and the referendum is over. I fear for the outcome but I cannot remember an uglier and more smearing campaign than this, and to think it has cost 2 young children and a husband their mother and wife is unforgivable.

The only positive act that has come from all this was the way that the members of the houses of parliament behaved yesterday. They all spoke without shouting over one another, without shouting and jeering at one another and with mutual respect to each other and their views. It is a real shame that it took such a tragedy to get our MP’s to act like adults and to give their peers the respect they all deserve whilst alive and not just after a tragedy has occurred. Now I am no skeptic, I try to see the glass as half full, or in need of a top up all the time but I am also a realist and no doubt come Friday they will be back to mud slinging and moaning and shouting and  mocking. Perhaps though, maybe, just maybe this blog will find it’s way to them all and they will start to think that the times have changed. The electorate have changed, and that we expect people to behave in a manner befitting their stature. Please do not let the lessons of yesterday, displayed as a result of a tragic waste of life go unchanged, and please, please, please start behaving in a mature way, giving people mutual respect and understanding and listening to each other. Then instead of shouting at others and talking, muttering and calling out over them and laughing and jeering at their comments and generally behaving like a group of adolescents at the pub maybe more would be achieved and politics would be taken more seriously.

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