After left, centre, right beer shots, and Obi Wan’s beer pong skills coupled with the 8 of us eating enough meat to sustain a pride of lions for a month, and consuming enough alcohol to tranquilise a crash of Rhinos for two months I didn’t expect many people would see Saturday morning. As expected though not having a profiling bed or reclining chair had in less than 15 hours created the sort of pain I can only compare to what you see in the SAW movie franchise. The plus side of this pain and lack of sleep was that I caught the beautiful sunrise around 4am

Obi Wan was next to rise before everyone else was up and breakfast started on the bbq before 9.00am, we may all be mature in years but our bodies reminded us off days gone by when we partied all night and still got in to work in time for the 7.00am shift. This was followed by amazing sunshine, stunt kites, a trip to a butchers with Cox in the title (it was that kind of weekend) for steak and storms

As quick as the storm arrived it cleared and we did what men do best and that was carry on regardless, so out came the fire pit, and fire we did build! The fun continued well into Sunday morning and for a second night running we adopted Jasper and Paul (deliberately put that way round) if Seachy did stag do’s………….oh wait he did!

Stag we hope you loved every minute of the weekend as much as we all did sharing it with you love Segway (AKA Best Man), Kenny (AKA Groomsman Austin), Obi Wan Kenobi (AKA Father of the Bride Bob), Chef (AKA Luke), Kiwi (AKA Scott), TC (AKA Josh), Knifeman (AKA James) & Deliverance (AKA Paul & Jasper)

2 thoughts on “Day 331 – Positives – Saturday

  1. Now this is such a great memento of a great weekend. Very much a case of carlsberg not being able to get close to the weekend you organised bro. Thank you so much, and its great to see some reminder shots here. I can see I will need to get an album of all the pics.

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