Day 332 – Positives – Sunday

You know you are suffering from Chronic Pain when three days later you are still catching up on your positives from the weekend. There is very little to say about Sunday really other than we all made it up and away on time, we all agreed what goes on tour stays on tour, or at least until the speech on Wedding Day. We all had a fantastic time but agreed that we needed to return home to shower and wash the stench of fire and indignity of ourselves. On a serious note our hosts at Top Farm Marsham were fantastic. If you want somewhere to take a large group camping or glamping do some burning and have a bloody good time then this is the place to go. It probably helps that we had an awesome bunch of people there.

Having got home I do not know how the car got unpacked, my bag, wash bag, clothes and so on and so forth. I collapsed into my comfy reclining chair/bed and drifted through the pain. I am positive that my wife and son did a great job unpacking though so thanks again 🙂

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