Monday arrived and my body was still broken, battered and aching, on the plus side though my ribs hurt from laughing, the banter and photos of the weekend were being shared and it was obvious that AB had certainly enjoyed his Stag Weekend. I always guess deep down knew he would but there was that part of me that thought my pain and disability would bring a dampner on the events and spoil things for everyone. It certainly didn’t and everyone was great from getting drinks and food, to dressing and taking piss the weekend was perfect.

How stupid I was yet again, those who hadn’t met me very often quickly understood my gutter level humour, sarcasm and openness to laugh at myself and we all got on really well. It was totally worth the spike I expected and I have some fantastic memories. I also have very little recollection of the fall out of the EU and England v Iceland so my pain bubble tells me none of it happened. I also just had this picture of me shared by chef and it tells you all you need to know, burning, contemplation and a black coffee, I know my limits and my meds and nobody minded one bit

P1090126 - Copy
Coffee and Contemplation

5 thoughts on “Day 333 – Positives – Monday

  1. I had a great time indeed bro and wished I could have spent more time with everyone individually, including you. Love that picture of you too! My anxiety and nerves centred around wanting everyone to enjoy things as much as I wanted them to. Beyond that, once I got back my usual self doubt, deprecation and anxiety did their work and made me worry about all the things I didn’t say/do, how I acted, and if I had annoyed or upset anyone. Even through that, I had a fantastic time and even though I’m shattered. Would do it all again, without a single change (except maybe that cleaning smell in our room) Love you bro xxx

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    1. We all had a blast bro, and I’m fairly I speak for all when I say we’d do it again in a heartbeat. Everyone had fun, there was much laughter some great sayings (my speech is in overload all over your face hahaha) and you certainly didn’t upset anyone. That cleaning smell gad certainly gone by the morning though to be replaced by beer facts and meat belching to tell you the truth I cannot remember which was worse….Oh wait yes I can definitely us. Love you too bro xxx

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  2. It sounds as if a good time was had by all – so glad you were able to over come your doubts and enjoy it! Oh, that feeling of doubt – I get it when I go to Oz – suppose the plane is delayed, what if I’m ill and can’t go, etc, etc. Of course, it’s always OK. We all have our demons, don’t we! 😈

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