My wife’s Granddad recently celebrated his 76th Birthday so we got all the family together for a meal at The Old Feathers, Framingham Pigot since the party was for 15 people in total the pub asked us to pre-order meals from their menu, this was a nice easy process with a menu and food list being emailed over to me for me to mail back. We had to pay a £5 deposit per person and knowing that I was disabled they were happy for me to pay this over the phone. It is now our second trip to the pub and it certainly won’t be the last. Not only is the place accessible but the staff really care and nothing is too much trouble.

The pub serves what I would call traditional high quality pub food. Steak and Ale Suet Pudding, Succulent Steaks, Steak and Kidney Pies the sort of meals that warm the heart. My kind of comfort food but all perfectly cooked and to a fantastic quality. Freshly prepared and certainly no skimping on the portion sizes. Vegetables included carrot, broccoli, mashed swede, cabbage and cauliflower and the pies and suet puddings were full to bursting with meat all beautifully cooked and tender. I had a lasagne and others had chicken with Mustard Mash, Salmon and everyone’s food arrived hot and cooked brilliantly. Even the kids who had Sausage & Mash for the two under 4’s in the party with their choice of veg.

The staff were all amazing, we’d been put in the conservatory as it has level entrance access and although the parking area is stones they told me I could park on their ramp area to get out in my chair and then the car moved or to one side. Nothing was too much trouble. I’d let them know it was a birthday and the tables had been decorated with confetti and happy birthday napkins. The food all came out hot, a feat in itself with a large party and then bowls of chips and veg to share out, a great way to ensure everyone got what they liked, enjoyed and talked to one another. The staff were so attentive and spoke to everyone making sure that there meals were good, they waited for me to decide where I wanted to sit and then immediately they moved the chair away from the table for me so I had easy access. Even the children were made welcome and they brought their desserts out first to stop them getting frustrated. Then when Granddad’s came out they’d put a candle on it (without us asking) and we all sung happy birthday. Brilliant, and lovely desserts too!

The pub has a lovely outdoor seating area laid with a combination of concrete and wood and is accessible throughout with a pond, and a large garden area that has numerous other animals and these can be looked at and pet when the owners father in law is tending to the gardens. This area is not accessible but the outdoor seating area is raised and I can see in to it.

As a wheelchair user it is great to find accessible, good quality places to eat, and to have staff who seem attentive and focused and understanding of the needs of disabled people (on our first visit they blended one meal to a consistency for an elderly member of our party to be able to digest). There is access to the dining area with a small lip up and although there is two large steps up into the bar area there is a ramp that the staff will happily get out for you. I didn’t see a disabled toilet, and I am not sure if there is one (I didn’t need the toilet whilst I was there) this said it is an old building and I would imagine any space inside the pub area is limited. We will without doubt go back and enjoy more meals at a gem in East Anglia. It’s about a 25-30 minute drive from ours, so not on the doorstep but well worth the trip and when I return I will ask about a disabled toilet.

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2 thoughts on “Food made fantastic by people who care

    1. Yes, understanding and caring staff make a huge difference, tipping is not done this side of the pond as much as yours but needless to say a large tip was left with them and worth every penny!

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