Primary School Teachers are Cyborgs….You read it here first!

You may wonder what proof of this I have, all I can tell you is that yesterday as I was getting out of my car I saw one of my old primary school teachers walking past with his wife (I assume) and their dog and I said “Mr Pols”, he said “yes” and before I’d finished saying my first name he had completed it for me. Now how else other than with artificial intelligence would a man who was ancient then (sorry all Teachers seemed it back then) is a) still alive today and b) how would he recognise that these two people are one and the same

More pleasing than being recognised (maybe I was just more infamous than I thought) was that fact that he went on to say he had seen my name in the paper recently over the playground and the access group and that he wanted to say they both supported me and to keep up the good work. It was a great feeling to be told that by a former teacher. I know many of you out there feel under valued by the government by I assure you that you have a lasting impression on so many of your students

2 thoughts on “Primary School Teachers are Cyborgs….You read it here first!

    1. Thank you Joan, not sure I feel amazing, there is however a time and a place for the community to say enough is enough and without the support of you and so many others I wouldn’t have the strength, courage or determination to carry on. You are the amazing ones that keep reminding me when I am being belittled or made to feel like I am being a pain that actually I am making a stand for the people of Wymondham, the children and grandchildren of friends and families I’ve grown up with all my life and for the many children and disabled people who don’t have the voice or strength to do it. The kind words do give me a boost when I am waning at 2am questioning why I took on the big corporation. Hopefully with the help of WTFC a solution for at least 1 park will have been found xx


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