I am still recovering spoons from last weekend, it is the way of the world for me now, I do not mind as my bro the stag had lots of fun and it was needed for both me and him. Unfortunately this does mean that for the past week I have been on maximum doses of meds everyday and many days have blurred into one. I am aware that I have read many messages this week and replied in my head but not in person, these have been texts, on social media, emails, phone calls and so on and I am feeling really bad about this. Please accept my apologies and if you were expecting me to have done something last week and it hasn’t arrived please remind me, if I have missed a deadline I am sorry. I am hoping another couple of soaks in the hot tub and I will be back to my former self and a little more reliable.

I am positive that with this apology those who matter won’t mind my absence and failure to respond, and those that mind, in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter!

Also got this lovely photo this evening of the sun and the rain clouds with the blurs in the skyline being created by the water droplets that were on my window that I took the image through/


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