English “Summers” – Why Spoonies feel cheated

I cannot speak for all spoonies, but I do know I speak for a lot of my fellow spoonies when I say how depressing English “Summers” have become for us. Those of you who live in warm countries count your blessings, it seems that we now spend 7 months of the year with cold temperatures, during which I cannot get any real heat into my spine.

It increases the daily pain scale and reduces the number of spoons every morning. Flip Flop season used to be for me from April to October and truth was if I didn’t have a flip flop tan line by my birthday in May I was disappointed. The advantages of this weather is that I do not have to rush so much in the mornings to get ready and increase pain by not allowing me to do it at a steady pace. I do not need to plan my day and work out whether to get my wife or son to put socks on me before they leave for work, after all I can slip my trusty flip flops on without anybody helping me. This year it is July and there isn’t the slightest hint of a tanline, I loaded the car last weekend and the flood water was over my flip flops and feet so I was wading in the cold.

Furthermore the speed and venom at which these downpours arrive mean that if you are caught in them by the time you get some sort of water proof on you, you are soaked through. For me with a damaged spine it is one of the worst feelings in the world, the cold and damp seems to seep right through every fibre in my body, as I sit here typing as if by magic such a storm has just started with a 5 second rumble of thunder and lightening in the distance with rain pounding the front door like a man desperate to escape the baying hounds. I long for a few weeks of warm weather, without downpours and floods, where I don’t need to plan my day in advance, I can slowly shower as the body stiffness erodes at it’s own pace and the flip flop tan can begin to take shape.

The only saving grace in weather like this is that not only does the lightening look amazing it is also a good job my LG is a sound sleeper the storm is right overhead and the rumbles of thunder are shaking the walls yet she silently sleeps.

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