I really can feel that the end is in sight for the second year of daily positives, having changed it this year to become more meaningful I am wondering what I can do to change it again for year 3. Yeas you read it here first, I am committing to a third year of positives! In the first year having a list of three each day meant on bad days I copped out and wrote got up, got showered, got dressed so I changed it this year and I am wondering do I keep the same format next year for my positives or not?

Leaving that one with you today’s positives are two fold firstly it was a beautiful morning and my love of clouds and cloud formations encouraged my LG to notice over breakfast this morning that it looked like someone had been writing in the sky. Secondly with all the building work and accompanying fatigue we haven’t made Little Acorns Playgroup for months, my LG was up and ready by 8.30am (we are slowly shifting her body-clock for when she starts nursery in September) today and desperate to go so we went along and it was lovely to see the helpers and some of her friends.

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